A pop star with a world-awaited comeback, Kasey K has to battle her celebrity drag queen impersonator, Lacey, who is being given the rights to her name, music, and comeback tour after a legal mishap. Fueled by jealousy, the two battle for each other’s spotlight and identity, all ending with the beginning of an exciting new series.

The project currently stars 80s pop icon Tiffany Darwish, Derrick Barry (RuPauls Drag Race), Latrice Royale (RuPauls Drag Race), Taryn Manning (Orange Is The New Black), Justin Jedlica AKA the Human Ken Doll (Men of West Hollywood, Botched), William Hung (American Idol) social media comedians, Ryan the Leader and Missy Anderson, Meggie Tenser (The Interview), Suhir Ponncchamy (Bird’s Eye Witness), and Virginia Shannon (Lethal Weapon 2).


The film is currently on its beginning stages of post-production and is slated for completion this December 2023.


This dark comedy will be surreal and a major step in universalizing queer storylines. The attention away from the queer experience will bring trans and drag characters further into the public eye.

The project is for the LGBTQ+ community by the LGBTQ+ community. We believe in accurate representation and engaging storytelling.

Looking for authenticity, Sweet Deals and Spare Change have made it a goal to create a cast of real-life cultural icons that resemble those fictionalized in the script. A pop star will be played by a pop star and a drag queen celebrity impersonator will be a drag queen celebrity impersonator and a famous YouTube will portray a famous YouTuber.

"The company let you die so they could revive you."

— Scott Boomer, Dragged Off

"Now dead, Kacey K's mansion sits at number 13 on our list of most haunted celebrity homes. Oh yeah, every house on the list is number 13!"

— Subscribe Or Die, Dragged Off

"I get 80 million views in South east Asia for videos of me sleeping."

— Erin Aarons, Dragged Off