Downtown Bus (2023)

An aging former boxing champion now works as a bus driver and struggles to reckon with his violent past and the monotony of his current life, while the man he once beat into a coma wakes 30 years later to confront him, throwing his retirement plans into jeopardy.

Starring Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat), Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts, Sianila Champagne-Vejar (Madame Champagne) , Eric Vejar (Voodoo Macbeth), Wreckless Watson, and Victoria Myssik (Voltaic Blood).

In PreProduction.

Dragged Off (2023)

A pop star with a world-awaited comeback, Kasey K has to battle her celebrity drag queen impersonator, Lola, who is being given the rights to her name, music, and comeback tour after a legal mishap. Fueled by jealousy, the two battle for each other’s spotlight and identity, all ending with the shooting of the wrong person.

In PostProduction.


Bird's Eye Witness (2023)

A mortician kills the elderly to save his dying business. The only witness to the murders is an African grey parrot, who ends up being the evidence needed to bring him to justice.

Starring viral comedian Evan Breen, Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts, TV leading lady Kathleen Kinmont, cult comedian Perry Caravello, and Bollywood horror king Suhir Ponncchamy(Pikasu).

In PostProduction.


Good Luck, Bad Times (2022)

A greedy grandpa sneaks his lucky grand daughter, who wins every game she plays, into a casino to win big. After losing at a rigged slot machine, the family is trapped by the casino and forced to work off their debt.

Starring Justin Jedlica AKA The Human Ken Doll, Joseph Miller, Xiawan Jin, Cameron Hayes.

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Still Hunting (2022)

Two hunters kill coyotes in the streets of Los Angeles until a challenge goes too far.

Starring John Henry Richardson, Alex Crawford, Ryan the Leader, Pablo Garcia.

Winner of 30 different film festivals in the Best Directing, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Best Short Film categories. Selected for Cannes 2022.


Ghost Dance Massacre (2024)

Dakota, a Native-American graduate student, decides to focus her dissertation on a forgotten tribal massacre, only to uncover an ancient curse that results in the death of her peers.

In PreProduction.

Bad People, Sweet Deals (2020)

In the modern wild west, a used car salesman gets his prized lemon stolen from his carlot. Will the Indian get his car back from the cowboy? 

Starring Joseph Miller, Pankaj Malviya, and Rudy Whitcomb,

Successful release on Amazon Prime and launched to YouTube Red with 77k views.

Inboxed (2021)

A startup so new it starts up inside of a startup.

Starring Eric Roberts, Romy Malviya, Roy Abramsohn, Paul Ford, Koji Takawara.


L-Eh (2022)

Canadians are immigrants too. After falling for a rental scam posting, Greg moves to LA to be an actor but finds an unlikely friendship hustling on the streets of Inglewood.

Starring Greg Patterson, Michael Johnson, Timothy “Pretty Boy Dimples” Waldron, and Alan Bagh.

Pending Release.




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